Real Geeks
Product Walkthroughs

Our live weekly Product Walkthroughs are in-depth overviews of the Real Geeks CRM/ Lead Manager, Site Backend, Facebook Ad Tool, and Workflow-Drip system. For instant access, view our Product Walkthrough Recordings.

CRM/ Lead Manager Walkthroughs

Personalize Your CRM and Leverage Your Database

Every Tuesday at 2 pm CT

Features Covered:

  • Communication and customization settings
  • Contact Import
  • CRM profile and notification preferences
  • Text messaging


Advanced CRM Customizations

Every Tuesday at 3:30 pm CT

Features Covered:

  • Leads List filters
  • Saving Property Searches and Market Reports
  • Lead activity and assignment history
  • Custom Round Robins
  • Lead Ponds

Workflow-Drip Walkthrough

How to Nurture Leads with Workflows, eBlasts, and Videos

Bi-Weekly Friday at 12 pm CT

Features Covered:

  • eBlast Tool (mass emailing tool)
  • Drip System (create a workflow with emails, texts, follow-ups, and video)
  • Drip Library Templates
  • Video Messaging Tool
  • Reactive Responses (NEW FEATURE!)

Facebook Ad Tool Walkthrough

Drive Traffic and Generate Leads with Facebook

Every Thursday at 12 pm CT

Features Covered:

  • Facebook Tool setup
  • Facebook Tool Ad types
  • Facebook Tool Dashboard